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Moreno Bakery Brandon One Of Tampa’s Finest

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The Moreno bakery in Brandon is one of my favorite little places among all the Tampa Restaurants to get things like cookies, cakes, and my personal favorite guava cheese turnovers. This holiday season I recommend you stop in and try one of these treats

These Chinese Shortbread cookies are some that I love. They crumble as you eat them and their short bread consistency tends to make them a dryer cookie than something like a chocolate chip. But these are very very tasty and the chocolate swirling and rich chocolate center makes them worth the mess.

Moreno's Chinese Shortbread

Chinese Shortbread Cookie with Chocolate Center

When I eat one of these (below) I imagine this is what a top pasty chef would do if they wanted to make a poptart. The cheese balances the sweet guava filling perfectly and the crust is flaky and tender


display case of guava turnovers

real guava and cheese turnovers

The brownie cookie is not my personal favorite but is a top seller and my dad loves them and likes to dunk them in milk. It is  worth trying. Pro tip, buy one eat it in store and decide if you want to buy more. Everyone has different tastes.

Signature Moreno’s Brownie Cookies

Moreno Bakery on Urbanspoon

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