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Hawkers Asian Street Fare Review – Orlando

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How far are you willing to drive for food? I live near Tampa and eat primarily at Tampa Restaurants.  I drive two hours to Orlando and back just to eat at Hawkers. It’s that good. In Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore, a hawker is a street vendor who sells food. Sometimes several dishes or just one staple dish. The owners of Hawkers have brought back the best recipes from Asia and placed them in one location. The dishes are tapas style, so you would order a few for dinner. All the more to try and share.

I usually order five or six dishes to share with my wife. There are a few dishes I order regularly: Roti Canai, Asian Tacos with duck, and the Pad Thai. The Roti Canai is a Malaysia flatbread served with a side of curry dipping sauce. In my experience, the sauce sometimes varies in spiciness depending on the day, but it is very flavorful and this dish can’t be missed.

Roti Canai

The Asian tacos are amazing. Served in two flour tortillas, you can get the tacos with several different meat fillings. I prefer the duck, which is paired with a hoisin sauce.

Asian Duck Tacos

I’ve been to Thailand and since my visit, I have been disappointed with the Pad Thais I’ve tried in local Thai restaurants. I feel Hawkers has the best Pad Thai since Thailand. The spiciness can vary but it’s a dish worth getting every time.

Pad Thai

I haven’t tried everything on the menu, yet. There are salads, soups, skewers, fried rice, and sliders. I’ve tried the sliders. They are flavorful, but the bread can dominate the dish. Try the South Asian Curry or the Singapore Mei Fun instead. Both dishes are excellent. There aren’t many desserts at Hawkers, but the two I’ve tried (cinnamon roti and the mini crème brules) are good.

Cinnamon Roti

There is something for everyone at Hawkers. If you live in Orlando, you probably already heard about Hawkers. If you haven’t, you’ve been missing out. If you live on the interstate-4 corridor, Hawkers is worth the drive.

Hawkers Asian Street Fare, 1103 North Mills Avenue,  Orlando, FL 32803
Hawkers Asian Street Fare on Urbanspoon

(407) 237-0606

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